Our Group

One of our central concerns is the question of how complex dynamics arises in composite quantum systems, such as the helium atom or bosonic atoms in optical lattices; but also decoherence phenomena are on our agenda – not only because of their relevance to transport properties in ordered and disordered systems, but also because of their impact on quantum entanglement. If you seek more information, also on available positions, etc., please contact Andreas Buchleitner (Coach).

Since Stefan Yoshi Buhmann’s appointment at the university of Kassel in autumn 2020, the Macroscopic Quantum Electrodynamics group is now delocalized between Freiburg and Kassel. It is concerned with the interaction of light with microscopic (atoms, molecules, electrons, neutrons) and macroscopic matter (metals, dielectrics, magnetodielectrics, chiral media, topological insulators …) by means of macroscopic quantum electrodynamics. The phenomena arising from this interaction include van der Waals, Casimir-Polder and Casimir dispersion forces, spontaneous decay, quantum friction, the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron, and nano-scale heat transfer.


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